Pianos are amazing instruments, and they should never be missing from any band. Even if it’s just for backups in one song once in a blue moon, you should never disregard the importance of piano and the valuable sounds it can bring to your music. Nowadays, digital pianos and keyboards have proven to be more and more essential due to their features and capabilities, most of which exceed the standard generation of sounds and go into editing and mixing. For this, of course, you need a quality digital keyboard piano that can handle these tasks with ease. Luckily for you, below we list and describe the best brands of the industry to help you choose the right instrument.


Yamaha is known in the music industry as a quality manufacturer of several different types of instruments, but pianos and digital pianos are among the best they make. The instruments from this brand are a testament to their commitment to technology and using it to their fullest potential to create better products. Keyboard pianos from Yamaha often include proprietary smart features that make the piano sound better and play seamlessly. Their designs are very sober and often include great extras, like additional functionalities via mobile app and other Yamaha platforms.


Next on the list is Casio, which you may know for keyboards just as well as you know them for watches and calculators. If you are familiar with their products, then you know that this brand is all about offering quality technology for the best value possible. Cost is a huge factor to consider when buying an instrument, and particularly one such as a keyboard piano that can easily get above the $1,000 line. Casio is also renowned for the portable designs of some of their keyboard models, so you might want to check them out if you need to be on the go.


Roland is a brand known in the piano world for offering some of the most premium features available for players of this instrument. The company manufactures pianos for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Nevertheless, their stage pianos and some of their high-end models are revered for the quality materials used in their builds, their proprietary music engine, and the set of adjustable features that most players would definitely classify as overkill.


Some of the best keyboard pianos are not necessarily the most expensive or the most similar to an acoustic piano. Korg knows this all too well, and that is the main reason why they focus more on design and ease of use. They know that, after all, an instrument is made to be played. Piano players can delight themselves when interacting with a Korg digital keyboard since they have been pioneers of digital musical instruments. Korg keyboards have been enhanced with features that make the playing experience an easier experience overall.


Finally, Kawai is another brand that is known in the piano world for their distinct sound and build quality. They can sound remarkably close to acoustic concert pianos thanks to some proprietary mechanics that mimic the basics of traditional pianos. Add to that the fact that some models are designed to look exactly like a grand concert piano and you get why Kawai enjoys their popularity among the digital piano crowd with a nostalgic taste.

If you still are not sure what brand to pick, you can get a more detailed look at some of the best keyboard pianos reviewed by Mr. Pianist here.

Top 5 digital keyboard piano brands

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