County maps of the Hungarian Kingdom 1913

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County maps of the Hungarian Kingdom 1913
1:450,000 - 1:1,000,000
Published: 1998 Talma Publisher (Insert of the book Dictionary of Hungarian Place-names.)
River Danube
Published: 1880-1900. This is a 20 meter in length map, and shows the river and 10 kilometers riverside from its source to its delta.
Hungarian Railway Lines 1910.
Published: 1912.

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GO! All beginnings are difficult, but a good beginning is half the battle. We hope you find your roots and learn more about your Hungarian ancestry by the aid of us.

(Second edition of Administrative Atlas of Hungary 1914)

The only atlas which represents historic Hungary in full details before its breaking up. The map sheets show 14 986 settlements as well as the hydrography, complete transportation network, castles, baths and peaks. The population density of Hungary, the ethnical and religious distribution of the people are shown in thematic maps.

Published in Hungarian, English, German, Croatian, Romanian and Slovakian languages!
Statistical tables complete the maps. These tables include summary data of the counties and give detailed data on the ethnical and religious breakdown of the population of settlements. The present official names of the settlements are also indicated. The index is compiled in several languages to help the readers.

Various official names of the towns in the historical Hungary!

If you search for your ancestors, please remember that they came from historical Austria-Hungary, not the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia or modern-day Austria.
Hungary was decimated after World War I and that most historical Hungarian counties were absorbed by successor states, including Slovakia, Romania and the former Yugoslavia. The official names of their home towns may have changed after World War I, too.
We published a gazetteer, which is a good solution for this problem: Dictionary of Hungarian Place-names (Magyar helységnév-azonosító szótár) Sold out!

New CD-ROMs from the castles and courts of historical Hungary.

The history of Hungary appears vividly on this CD colored with triumphs and defeats, splendid cultural relics and senseless devastation.
The CD series (Castles, Courts and Legends 1-3.) introducing the historical Hungary's castles, guides us to71 counties of historical Hungary with the help of modern multimedia tools.


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