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Castles, Courts and Legends 1-3.

We could have traveled around the world or climbed the Himalayas four times to take so much effort as visiting Hungary's 500 castles and courts introduced on this CD might take, and they're still a few of those, approximately 2000 Hungarian castles within the Carpathians.
The history of Hungary - triumphs and defeats, splendid cultural relics and senseless devastation - vivifies on these CD-ROMs.
Our CD series Castles, Courts and Legends - (Old Hungary), guides us to 71 counties of historical Hungary, introducing the castles of historical Hungary's with the help of modern multimedia tools.

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The informative texts describe the castles in many aspects from their past to their present. The Gallery (containing more than 6000 pictures), with contemporary veduta, illustrations and photos illustrating today's situation, demonstrates the history, the fate of castles.
Some castles are featured with legends, romantic stories, illustrated with spectacular animations, short filmspots encourages us to visit the legendary places.
Additional modules are built in to help you to use the software. You might study ideas and concepts about castles in a richly illustrated encyclopaedia, a portrait gallery of famous people involved in castles' history. Colorful Maps make navigation quick and simple.

Talma Publisher 2003.
Published in Hungarian language only.
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